Tips Eliminate Acne Scars with Natural Ingredients

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 Eliminate Acne Scars with Natural Ingredients
In most cases, acne marks or scars on the face, which can interfere with performance.

It took a long time to get rid of acne scars, and even in some cases, acne scars can never be lost.

So worried even for most people, equally with acne scars acne.

Good news, now there are many ways to remove acne scars, ranging from medical to natural way in some cases it can take some skin resurfacing or surgery.

Handling Non-Prescription Acne Scars

You can go to the pharmacy or drugstore to drugs or creams that can remove acne scars look like.

But consider this, when the former suffered severe acne, ask your dermatologist or skin care specialist.

This is so that the face of suffering and are not damaged by mishandling done.

Natural Herbal Remedies

There are some herbs or natural ingredients that you can use to treat acne scars, which can remove read as follows:

First. Aloe Vera / Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries skin and hair care.

Currently, there are many creams from aloe vera market or drugstore, you can use made ​​to remove acne scars.

Two. honey

Honey has antibacterial properties and is capable of softening the skin. Honey from all over the acne scars, massage for several minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Three. olive oil

Use olive oil to soft texture as the appearance of acne scars draw moisture and the skin may be reduced.

Four. tomatoes

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin A. Its primary effect is to stimulate the production of collagen, so the skin heals acne scars.

It's simple, sliced ​​tomatoes and stick it on just acne scars at least two times a day.