Beauty Tips: How to Choose and Use Foundation Correctly

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How to Choose and Use Foundation Correctly
If we look from the perspective of Cosmetic Art Foundation, is an area where many people are making a big mistake.

Errors include choosing the right color, which ultimately makes the skin too bright or too dark.

Or how to use the messy look, is that the Fund is not perfectly uniform.

Choosing a base color and wear them properly can be a difficult challenge, but once they get the basics, you'll skin that looks perfect!

Basic types and color choice

If the first time choose the color of foundation, you should go to a department store and go to the cosmetics counter to get help and tips.

Expert cosmetic counters can help in choosing the right color. After realizing how to choose the right color, you can do it yourself or shop where you want.

Next, select the type of formula is correct for your skin type.

There are many products with different basic formulas for all skin types. If you have oily skin can be better than choosing a fund with a cream or powder formula.

If you have dry or combination skin, it would be better for you liquid foundation formula.

In addition to thinking skin type, you should think about to think the range and your lifestyle.

If you have acne-prone skin has a thick base with a formula that protection.

But if you just want to look simple, easy formula to better support.

If you are very active and athletic, you have to consider, the basic formula is waterproof and durable.

If you choose a custom color for a fund, a base color yellow has to look because it looks the most natural of all human beings.

Be sure to find a foundation that matches your jaw line, neck color, or color on your wrist.

using the Foundation

When he arrived at home, sit by the window and try foundation on the jaw to make sure you buy right foudation. Foundatioan should blend in perfectly with the natural color of skin of the face and neck.

After making sure the color looks perfect start by providing fundamental points on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Then, using a sponge, smooth out the basic points. You can choose to give all the same base my neck and face, or give specific facial area basis.

Whatever your choice, the main key to get a perfect view of the natural elements melt evenly on the face and neck.

Selection and use of the funds is hard, but to get the perfect look for makeup, it is very important to take the time to learn how to take it properly.