Reviewing History & Origin of Reiki: Alternative Health Tip

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Reviewing History & Origin of Reiki
Since a few thousand years ago, Reiki believed to have existed in Tibet.

From a single root system, having crossed many different cultures, eventually emerged the various systems of healing.

However, sometimes the original source itself is often forgotten.

Dr.. Mikao Usui, a native of Japan, rediscovered the root system of healing is in the mid-1800s.

Usui did research for twenty-one years on the phenomenon of healing performed by a spiritual leader of the largest in history. He also studied Buddhist teachings written in Sanskrit.

Usui found the ancient sounds and symbols that are directly related to the human body and nervous system which activate the universal life energy for healing.

Usui then underwent a metaphysical experience and finally have the ability to use these sounds and symbols to heal.

He named the method as Reiki and taught it throughout Japan until the end of his life around the year 1893.

There are various forms of Reiki is practiced now. However, there are two main forms, namely, Usui system of natural healing techniques and Radiance.

Practice Usui system of natural healing is to balance and strengthen the body's energy, using its ability to heal itself.

Reiki can be used to treat several serious illnesses and other diseases.

Some examples of diseases that can be cured with reiki which are due to sports injuries, burns, internal diseases, emotional disorders, and stress-related diseases.

In mid-1970, Reiki was introduced to the Western world. Since then the use of Reiki has spread rapidly and widely throughout the world.