Understanding The Origin & History of Shiatsu: Alternative Health Tip

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 The Origin & History of Shiatsu
Shiatsu has been in China since at least 2000 years ago.

Shiatsu originated from ancient Chinese traditional massage known as 'anma'.

Anma was later adopted and adapted by Japanese society.

Therapy is now known as shiatsu comes from anma which gradually evolved and influenced by the culture of the east and west.

Amma (or anma in Japanese) has been used for centuries for treating various diseases. Ranging from mild pain, pain, until a serious illness or severe.

There are several types of shiatsu which can be found in the west, the barefoot shiatsu, macrobiotic shiatsu, Namikoshi style, Ohashiatsu, Shiatsu-Do, and Zen Shiatsu.

Everything is a valid and effective therapy by using basic principles of shiatsu, but with a different emphasis on technique or philosophy.

In Japan there are more than 87,000 registered shiatsu practitioner. This fact shows the effectiveness of shiatsu in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Although East and West have different viewpoints on the health and life, but they can be complementary to each other.

Eastern cultures believe that the main energy flow throughout the body flows along certain channels known as meridians.

They also believe that this energy there is in the whole universe and all living things dependent on it. This energy is known by three names like that, Ki in Japanese, Chi in China and Prana in India.

As with acupuncture, shiatsu know the specific pressure points on the meridians associated with specific body organs, these points are called tsubos.