Characteristics of People with Kapha type: Ayurveda Tips

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Characteristics of People with Kapha type
Here are some common characteristics of people who have a predominance of Kapha dosha:

- Relax, slow

- Compassion and love

- Forgiving, its nature is relatively stable and reliable; faithful

- Have a strong and robust physical

- Most energetic of all dosha, but is stable and does not explode

- Slow moving and graceful

- Talk slow, reflecting the thinking process

- Slow to learn, but never forget, have a long-term memory capability extraordinary

- Have your hair and skin soft, tend to have soft eyes, soft voice

- Tends to be overweight

- Prone to depression

- Independent, soft

- S*xual arousal Kapha slowest person to be resurrected, but it has the longest durability

- Good health, has a strong resistance against diseases

- Not easily angered; strive to maintain harmony and peace in the environment, and can be a point of stability for others

- Tend to be possessive, good savers

- Do not like the cold and damp weather

- Physical problems are usually experienced is runny nose and nasal congestion, sinus headaches, respiratory problems including asthma and wheezing, fever, allergies, and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Physical Appearance

People Kapha types have a well-developed body. They also have a strong tendency to be overweight. Their chest and broad field.

Blood vessels and tendons Kapha people are not clear because of their thick skin and their muscles well developed. Kapha people are not protruding bones.

They have bright colors and bright skin. Skin is soft, shiny and oily. Their hair is thick, dark, soft and wavy.

Their eye color is usually black or dark blue, white eye is generally very white, large, and attractive.

Physiologically, kapha people have regular appetites. To slow digestion, they tend to consume less food. They want the food spicy and bitter.

Their feces and possibly soft pale. The amount of sweat they moderate. If a sound sleep and they sleep longer. Kapha people are generally healthy, happy, and peaceful.

Psychologically, they tend to be tolerant, calm, forgiving, and loving. However, they also show the characteristics of greed, jealousy, and possessiveness.

Their understanding of slow, but once they understand something will always remember.

Kapha people tend to be rich, they get and hold their money well.