Recognize Conglobata Acne, Severe Acne Types: Skin Health Tip

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Recognize Conglobata Acne, Severe Acne Types
Acne Conglobata (AC) is a form of acne that is severe and rare which can affect the back, buttocks, chest, shoulders, upper arms, thighs, and even your face.

Acne conglobata is characterized by the presence of abscesses and scars.

According to health experts, this condition is basically a combination of acne pustules and nodules, although the patient may have an infection because of the bacteria as well.

No one really knows what causes acne conglobata, unlike other acne conditions.

Acne conglobata may develop if there is a worsening of acne or some dormant acne you have suddenly erupted.

You will experience acne conglobata if doing anabolic steroid abuse.

Acne conglobata affecting more young adult males than females, although the baby is known to be affected by the condition.

Acne conglobata is a serious medical condition that could affect negatively the physical and emotional.

Therefore, if you experience acne conglobata go quickly dermatologist as soon as possible.