Natural Recipes to Treat Sore Throat - Healthy tips

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Natural Recipes to Treat Sore Throat - Healthy tips
Sore throat is very common in people of all ages.

Generally, sore throat attack during cold weather and can last about a week or two.

Here is a natural recipe to try when you get a sore throat:

The materials required:

1. Cups and salt
2. Lemon or lemon juice
3. Cepacol spray
4. Cepacol tablets


1. The most important thing you should do if you have a sore throat is to stop sm*king and stop using tob**co products.

2. When starting to feel a sore throat, gargle with a solution of warm water and salt.

3. Further drinking lemon juice or lemon. Lemon is excellent for day-to-day diet and have many health benefits.

4. Lastly, you can try a drug called Cepacol. Cepacol spray and is available in tablet form.

For security reasons you must follow the instructions for use are printed on the packaging. This product can be purchased in pharmacies and drug stores.

5. If the sore throat does not get better as long as two weeks, you may be exposed to strep throat. Immediately contact your doctor for further treatment.