4 Acupressure Point to Relieve Migraines - Health Tips

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4 Acupressure Point to Relieve Migraines - Health Tips
Migraines are more than just a regular headache and can be very excruciating problems and reduce productivity.

Migraine is a neurological problem that is responsible for headaches, and nausea.

Many people who suffer from migraine headaches to experience vomiting and being more sensitive to light and sound.

According to the National Migraine Association, as many as 32 ​​million Americans suffer from migraines.

There are several pressure points on certain parts of the body that can help relieve the pain of migraine.

If these points are given precisely the pressure can help alleviate and even prevent the emergence of symptoms of migraine.

Use fingers and Acupressure Point Press (Acupressure) on Migraines

Just use your thumb or the heel of the hand to press the points migraine.

Give mild or moderate pressure and reduce pressure if it starts to hurt. Gradually apply pressure and do the twist. Do this repeatedly.


It's important to regulate breathing while giving pressure to improve oxygenation to the brain. Deep breaths will help the body to function better.

In addition, deep breathing can help relieve tension and improve blood flow.

Here are some pressure points to relieve or prevent migraines:

1. Press point at the Skull Base

Place your thumb on the lower rear of the skull. Each thumb should be spaced about 2.5 cm from the spine.

Place your thumb on the second pressure point and tilt head. Give a little more pressure and press towards the top.

2. Press point at the Central Forehead (Mid-Forehead Point)

The pressure points are in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. Gradually apply pressure with your thumb and count to 10. Massage in a circular motion.

3. Press point at Angle Eyes

Find the outer corner of each eye, searching outward until they find an area in the back while holding the bone. Count to 10 and repeat 10 times. Be careful not to press too close to the eyes.

4. Press point in Feet

This pressure point is located at the top of each leg where there is a joint between the big toe and index toe. Pressure should be repeated 5-10 times at points press for approximately two minutes or until the count of 10.