Stress Management Tips to Overcome Premenstrual Syndrome

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Stress Management Tips to Overcome Premenstrual Syndrome
When premenstrual syndrome (PMS) comes, change becomes difficult emotions and stress is well managed.

It is caused by changes in hormone levels in women before menstruation.

Of course it would be better if the emotion and stress more manageable despite going through the PMS.

Here are some tips you can do to manage emotions and stress during PMS:

1. hearing the Music

Listen to music to calm the mind. The music is very good to improve a bad mood.

By listening to music one may neutralize feelings of sadness, depression, and increases energy levels.

2. Adding Sleep Clock

Try to manage stress by increasing hours of sleep to prevent the body from fatigue.

Surveys show that women who are experiencing PMS fatigue from mild to severe level.

3. massaging Body

Choose one of the activities to relax the body, such as massage, to relieve muscle pain, stiffness, and pain in other body parts.

In addition to being more relaxed body and relieve pain, massage is also beneficial to remove toxins from stress.

4. meditation

Meditation can be useful to relieve the stress of PMS. Meditation offers an environment in which one can break free from interference and to calm down and mind.

5. aromatherapy

Use aromatherapy to relax the mind and body. Type of aromatherapy which can be soothing, for example lavender, has been used for centuries to relieve headaches, restlessness, and insomnia naturally.

6. Breathing exercises

Learn simple breathing exercises to release the body of negative energy and stress.

7. Self-talk

Perform a conversation with yourself or positive self-talk as a stress management tool that can be modified to manage the symptoms of PMS.

8. acupuncture

Acupuncture not only can relieve PMS symptoms related to emotions but also able to relieve physical discomfort.