How to Take Care of Hair: Hair Wash Safe (shampoo) Every Day?

By on 6:25 PM
How to Take Care of Hair
Q: I have oily hair, I can wash my hair (thoroughly) every day?

Answer: Some believe if the hair oily aged for a few days then it will not look greasy.

Of course, this myth is not true.

Catch dirt greasy hair (hair so sticky) it is easier, because the swept the need often.

Any type of hair, most experts agree that it is actually safe hair wash hair daily with a mild shampoo.

Owner should have a scalp wash your hair greasy concentrated.

Why? Since the hair is not that remove oil, but the scalp.

Oil is not always bad. Moderate amount of oil helps hair retain moisture.

This is not to rub the air conditioner on the scalp, simply wipe the two-thirds of the hair.

Note that the opposite rule is used when using the shampoo and conditioner on oily hair.