7 Secrets have shiny hair: Tips And How Beautiful Hair

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have shiny hair
Woman with perfect hair definitely makes the envy of the heart. What do they do to keep the hair shiny, strong and elegant look?

These are the secrets to ...

Secrets 1: Shampooing Moderation

Many women say that they wash and hair conditioner to give 2-3 times a week.

You might think to get the perfect hair and often overlap must provide air conditioning. Probably not.

Excessive overlap will dry your hair. However, if frequent shampooing the hair is unkempt and greasy.

So to get the perfect hair without it getting too oily or dry, only wash it 2-3 times a week.

Secrets 2: Replace the product

The results of the survey show that many women with beautiful hair they say they change shampoo and conditioner that is not only familiar with the same product all the time.

They replace the shampoo and conditioner regularly. Surely it must be adapted to the conditions and type of hair.

Secret 3: Frequent combing hair

Surprisingly, said most women that they rarely comb hair. Just comb your hair after shampooing, avoid involved.

Some even claim that he had no comb at all. While most women who have perfect hair, say they often comb the hair with a comb made ​​of natural fibers.

Secrets 4: Let hair dry naturally

The heat can damage your hair shiny, healthy and strong.

Most women with perfect hair say they prefer to let the hair dry naturally theirs.

So if you want to have perfect hair, let your hair dry naturally wet.

Secrets 5: Regularly Haircut

The easiest way to get rid of hair that grew naturally with the cut.

Perhaps this is the reason why women with perfect hair do not have split ends.

Most of her hair cut every three months or even a haircut every six weeks.

If you are not always going to go to a salon, then you can cut it yourself at home.

Secrets: Hair coloring only when needed

Most women who have perfect hair say they never dye their hair. Or when specified, they are very rare.

They only do hair coloring to cover gray hair or just a little shine to hair.

7 Secrets: A healthy diet and vitamins

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients your hair is beautiful. At least that's what most women, the perfect hair.

Means eating healthy foods, eating organic foods and less meat.

If you want perfect hair, many are eating vegetables, calcium serves to strengthen the hair, and fish oil can make hair shiny because it contains a lot of omega 3.

Also take a multivitamin can help your hair and keep your body healthy and strong.