Health Tip: Safe Plastic Food Containers for the Microwave?

By on 4:28 PM
Safe Plastic Food Containers for the Microwave
Plastics are used to make a variety of containers to store food and drink.

Of plastic materials chosen because they are cheap and strong.

From Tupperware containers that can be used repeatedly until the disposable plastic cups, many of the foods and beverages we consume come into contact with plastic.

Some plastics are microwave safe for others not. The best way to tell if a plastic container for microwave safe is to check the label.

For disposable plastic cups, labels can be checked on the packaging bag. Being reusable containers generally put a label on the container itself.

If you do not have labels but know the brand or manufacturer, you may be able to find this information on the website of the manufacturer.

Even if the label states a plastic container for microwave safe, it does not mean completely safe.

Some researchers warn that not all plastic containers have been tested to see whether or not the material is dissolved when the in-microwave and exposed to high temperatures.

Dissolved material plastic containers into food or beverages may cause health problems and suspected carcinogenic that can trigger cancer.