Health Tip: Recognize 3 Common Symptoms of Heart Disease

By on 3:33 PM
Common Symptoms of Heart Disease
As we get older, you should be more concerned with the condition and health of the body.

When symptoms are mild taste and trivial, maybe it is actually a warning of conditions that may be hazardous to health.

Similarly, the signs and symptoms of heart disease, you may not even realize it.

Therefore, you must be vigilant and must not be ignorant of the changes that occur in your body and your health.

Below are some symptoms that indicate that the heart or cardiovascular system problems, namely:

1. Often experience chest pain mainly left chest. Arteries of the heart could be having problems.

2. Experiencing rhythm or irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia known.

This condition is characterized by a very rapid heartbeat and sometimes even not detected at all in the pulse rate.

3. Experiencing shortness of breath, this condition is often overlooked. Symptoms of shortness of breath can be a sign that a heart valve problem.

All three of the above symptoms should not be ignored, immediately consult a doctor or the nearest cardiologist before its too late.

The earlier detected, the better because it will be the sooner treatment if there was indeed a problem of the heart.

But, if you ignore it, then you are at risk of sudden cardiac arrest is fatal consequences.

In addition, if there are family members who have a history of heart disease, you should immediately consult a doctor to ensure the health of your heart.