Diet Rules In F.R.E.S.H - Quick weight loss diet

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Diet Rules In F.R.E.S.H - Quick weight loss diet
F - Freshen up your food life

Prioritizing vegetables and fresh fruit. Fill your plate with vegetables and multiply broccoli and green beans.

Vegetables and whole grains are a source of fiber and can help you feel full longer.

So choose whole grain bread, pasta, pizza, or brown rice than white rice.

R - Recognize barriers

Know and understand your favorite foods. The food could be chocolate cake or whatever. Certainly it would be difficult to say 'no' on the favorite foods.

Favorite foods could be actually an unhealthy food. Therefore you can still eat just that portion is reduced. Use smaller plates when serving the food.

According to the study, the mind will think that the food looks like more of the food that is placed on a large plate in the same amount.

Want to drink soft drinks but healthy? Ask soda mixed with orange juice or pomegranate juice.

E - Enjoy the taste of eating right

Did you know that steamed shrimp, roast beef, sirloin steak, Canadian bacon, poached eggs and grilled chicken are all protein rich diet choice?

You can add mustard, horseradish, cocktail sauce, hot sauce, and salsa to add a delicious low-calorie foods.

S - Start new habit

Make a list of foods and drinks that you will eat the next few days. Make a list as specific as possible about the type and amount of food.

According to research, people who are conscious about what they eat will be successful in doing a weight loss program.

H - Have a plan

Create a schedule for breakfast. If you eat dinner, eat a little more than a lunch portion.

When to travel long distances, bring fresh fruit, sandwiches or other food supplies so you do not have to stop at fast food restaurants.