How to Keep Ice Cream For Long Lasting - Ice Cream Tips

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How to Keep Ice Cream For Long Lasting - Ice Cream Tips
The best temperature for the ice cream we can enjoy is about-13 C to-11 C.

After buying ice cream should be stored no longer than 1 month in original containers because the containers are not resistant to moisture vapor.

If the ice cream store more than 1 month in the original container, the ice cream will be reduced in volume and turned into a sticky, it will change.

If you want to store the ice cream in a long time, you should wrap the ice cream using special paper or plastic freezer.

In order to maintain the softness of the texture, the ice cream should be stored at temperatures between  -17.78 C to -23.33 C.

Ice cream will remain stable indefinitely and will not form ice crystals if the ice cream is stored at temperatures below -25C.

Ice cream you make yourself at home is difficult to be stored for a long time because the texture will become grainy.

Ice cream manufacturers usually add extra solid milk or gelatin on their products to prevent any change in the texture of ice cream.

When eating ice cream or other frozen foods, maybe you will feel the headache.

This is caused by narrowed blood vessels due to the intensity of the cold ice cream or cold food that you eat. To prevent this, eat ice cream slowly.