Abdominal Massage to Relieve Constipation - Tips to Overcome Constipation

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 Tips to Overcome Constipation
Massage the abdominal area is an effective way to relax the muscles in the colon area.

If done regularly, this massage will strengthen and smooth the walls of the colon peristalsis to launch constipation (constipation).

Massage should be done regularly at least one or two weeks in order to really see the results.

You can do a colon massage while lying using massage oil or bath when using foam soap as a lubricant. Do massage at least 1 minute or more.

Started the massage on the lower right side of the abdomen near the appendix. Start with a small circular motion or massage upwards (towards the rib cage).

Massage can begin with gentle pressure and getting louder by the day. This massage can also help relax the muscle valve and small intestine.

The small intestine is a gate valve between the small intestine and colon. Valve will keep the dirt that has been in the large intestine back into the small intestine.

Massaging near the appendix area (appendix) also help remove dirt trapped in there.

Impurities in the appendix can cause bacteria to multiply and cause inflammation.

When finished massaging in the area of the appendix, continue massaging to the left of the left rib continues down to the groin. Perform this massage for 2-3 minutes.

When massaging colon area, notice if you find an area that has pain. If there is severe pain, do not continue the massage and consult a physician immediately.

Combine this massage with constipation medication to get maximum results.