Beauty Tips: Facts & Myths Bristle Shaving (Hair) Body

By on 6:55 PM
 Facts & Myths Bristle Shaving
Not all women like to use a razor to remove the hair or fur on the body (hands, feet, etc.).

Shave her body believed would make it grow thicker after being shaved.

That's why some people put razor method as a last resort.

Though shaving is one of the most effective ways, and most importantly, the method is relatively painless (compared with waxing).

Do beliefs about body shaving is true?

The answer is NOT. Shaving does NOT make hair thicker!

This is only visible effect. In fact, when it grows, hair has a conical tip, which makes it look thinner.

When hair is shaved, thin shape of the tip is cut and what is left is the center of the hair is blunt, to make them look thicker.

After shave, hair not too rough. Just a hair shorter, and its elasticity over time will return to normal.

So do not be afraid to shave her body, because this procedure is not at all damaging.

Waxing may be too painful so that you can safely transfer to the razor.