6 Tips to Identify Migraine Headaches - Health Tips

By on 11:45 PM
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Many people have suffered from migraine attacks or other headaches.

But sometimes it is hard to distinguish what type of headache being suffered, because many of the symptoms are almost the same.

Apparently there are some specific symptoms to distinguish between migraine with other headaches.

Here are the signs to recognize migraine headaches or not:

1. Though not all, but some sort of migraine sufferers experience aura sightings in the early emergence of a headache.

Visual appearance of the aura is only on one side of the head only, and usually the head with migraine.

Some of them claim to like seeing flashes of light or a faint glow, while others are experiencing vision loss.

2. In addition to the aura, also sometimes accompany physical symptoms when beginning a migraine attack. The physical symptoms include dizziness, weakness, or numbness in the fingertips.

Because these symptoms can also occur when someone is having a stroke, it is recommended to immediately contact your doctor or nearest health service provider if you experience any of these symptoms.

3. On migraine, pain or tenderness usually only felt on one side of the head only, though sometimes can be exposed to both sides at the same time.

The pain of migraine is usually localized around the temples, behind the eyes, or the back of the ear. The pain of migraine is usually quite intense and often throbbing.

4. In addition to pain, may also appear nausea and even vomiting, and become more sensitive to light and sound.

Many people with migraine want holed up in a place or a room that is dark, quiet, and cool.

5. Migraine attacks can occur at any time. The pain of a migraine can last for several hours or even days.

6. Migraines can be almost the same as tension headaches (tension headaches). Tension headaches tend to cause headaches that persist in the head and forehead and throbbing on one particular point.