5 Tips for Choosing Sports are Suitable for Children Asthma Sufferers

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5 Tips for Choosing Sports are Suitable for Children Asthma Sufferers
Parents who have children who suffer from asthma triggered by exercise definitely has a great concern when their children participate in sports.

Often, it makes the parents forbid their children to participate in sports or any activity that can trigger asthma attacks.

Parents should be aware that children still need physical activity in order to keep fit.

Prevent children from doing sport activities in total will hamper the ability of the child to be active, learn sportsmanship, and be part of a team.

If you are a parent of a child who had an asthma attack due to sports activities, there are several types of exercise that can be followed without having to worry the child will develop asthma.

Some things to note are as follows:

1. Talk to your doctor and express your concerns. Doctors can give you tips and guidance on what is appropriate sport for children and how to prevent attacks.

2. You can read a good article from a magazine or the internet to find more information on this subject. Additional information will help you choose a suitable and safe activity for children.

3. Talk to the principal or gym teacher about the child's condition. The school usually understand the limitations of children with asthma, so they will pay attention to the child when the following sports activities.

4. Select the appropriate sport for children. Some examples of sports that do not deplete energy such as golf, bowling, and archery. Do not perform activities such as running and jumping to minimize the occurrence of asthma attacks.

5. If for example the child chose to do sports basketball, or football, you have to prepare them before playing. Encourage your child carry an inhaler.

Inhalers used 15 minutes before activity can help prevent asthma attacks. Be sure to tell the child to rest if you feel difficulty in breathing.