Pneumonia Know Tips: Understanding the Symptoms of Pneumonia

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Pneumonia Know Tips: Understanding the Symptoms of Pneumonia
Pneumonia is a respiratory disease caused by various types of fungi, bacteria, or viruses.

Patients with pneumonia generally also experience inflammation in the lungs.

Here is a guide to recognize the symptoms of pneumonia:

1. There are several types of lung inflammation that accompanies such as bacterial pneumonia pneumonia, mycoplasma pneumonia, atypical pneumonia and aspiration pneumonia. Common symptoms are cough, chills, fever, and chest pain.

2. See if yellowish mucus from coughing, bloody or rust-colored. Mucus with the color could be a marker of pneumonia.

3. See if the person complained of breathing problems and chest pain very.

4. Check if the lips and fingernails turn blue associated with shortness of breath.

5. Note if the person looks tired and weak or complaining of pain in the joints.

6. Pneumonia in the elderly may indicate the presence of a dry cough that lasts a long time.

7. Check whether the person is experiencing loss of appetite or nausea.