4 Steps How to Reduce Itchy Scalp with Zinc

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4 Steps How to Reduce Itchy Scalp with Zinc
Oily scalp or itchy scalp is certainly very disturbing.

Even more embarrassing, if this disorder comes when you are in an important meeting.

Hair wash (shampoo) more often are not always able to solve the problem of itchy scalp or oily skin.

But zinc (zinc) may be an alternative solution to the problem that you are suffering.

Here are the ingredients you need:

1. Shampoo containing zinc pyrithione
2. Conditioner containing zinc pyrithione
3. olive oil

Step 1: Shampoo with zinc pyrithione shampoo

Wet your hair thoroughly. Pour the zinc pyrithione shampoo into the palm of the hand and gently rub it on your hair. Avoid rubbing your scalp too hard because it will irritate the scalp.

Step 2: Rinse hair

Gently rinse to remove any remaining hair shampoo. Make sure the rest of the shampoo on the scalp also rinsed.

Step 3: Use conditioner zinc pyrithione

Pour the zinc pyrithione conditioner on your palm and apply on the scalp and blend it with your fingers.

After that, rinse the conditioner to clean. If you have very oily scalp, conditioner is not rinsed rest will aggravate itching on the scalp.

Step 4: Use olive oil on your hair

Before using olive oil, make sure the hair is completely dry.

If you have an oily scalp, this step can be skipped. Olive oil will only make the hair more oily.

Pour olive oil on your palms, apply on hair hair while gently massaging the scalp.