Health Tips: 5 Unique & Interesting Facts about Epilepsy

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Interesting Facts about Epilepsy
For ordinary people, epilepsy is seen as mysterious and frightening condition.

Though epilepsy is actually a brain disorder that causes seizures.

Epilepsy is a disorder arising from jumps electrical signals in the brain that causes recurring seizures.

Here we review the facts unique and interesting about epilepsy:

1. Blink once, then forget

Epileptic seizures can be so short. Attacks could come and gone unnoticed.

Seizures can occur only 2-15 seconds. Moment occurs, a person may be on the move or just daydreaming.

When seizures disappeared, he will continue the activity he was doing and did not remember the seizure that had just happened.

2. contribution of Hippocrates

Before the year 400 BC, people believed that epilepsy was a curse that afflicts people who have the ability to predict the future.

Then Hippocrates wrote the first book on epilepsy, called "On the Sacred Disease," which Hipprocates classify epilepsy as a brain disorder.

3. Epilepsy & Eugenics

In 1914, 12 states enacted laws in America Harry Laughlin's Model eugenical Sterilization.

The law prohibits people who have seizure disorders and those feeble-minded, insane, criminal, drunk, sick, blind, deaf, and disabled to get married or have children.

The law also mandates the people who suffer from epilepsy to be sterilized.

4. Treating epilepsy with the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet was created in 1920 and is still used to this day, is one of the oldest treatments for epilepsy. This diet simulate the effects of fasting, which reduces the frequency of certain types of seizures.

5. Epilepsy, Disease Author

Many famous classical writers suffer from epilepsy, including some of which was Sir Walter Scott, Edgar Allen Poe, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens.