What is it Anorexia? Facts and Information about Anorexia

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What is it Anorexia Facts and Information about Anorexia
What is it Anorexia? Facts and Information about Anorexia - Society has a great influence on the way people think.

For example, almost always a fashion magazine featuring models that are very slim.

This in turn creates the illusion of how the ideal body. Most teenage girls feel the need to imitate the models with extreme dieting.

Diet which was originally a means of weight control could potentially turn into a compulsive psychotic disorders.

People with this disorder have excessive focus to be slim without realizing that this obsession impair their health.


Anorexia (anorexia) is an eating disorder that affects both men and women.

However, the group most affected is teenage girls.

People suffering from anorexia see themselves too fat despite the fact already very thin.

Mental and thought they said that they themselves should continue to lose weight regardless of their health.


The effects of anorexia can be devastating and long-term survival. Anorexia potentially triggering malnutrition which can cause health problems such as rickets.

Rickets is a disorder that affects the bones caused by a deficiency of vitamin D.

Anorexia can also lead to a decrease in bone mass, hair loss, tooth decay, and digestive problems. Other effects include the decline in fertility rates and even brain damage.

The brain needs fat intake. When the body is deprived of fat over a period of time, the brain can be affected.


Anorexia has a variety of triggers. One of the most powerful triggers are due to the pressure of those around, or peers.

Other triggers include sexual harassment and verbal. To recover from anorexia sufferers almost always need psychological counseling to improve behavior.


If you think you or a friend have anorexia, ask yourself these questions:

Are you or a friend you constantly feel fat despite losing weight?

Is your weight by your height?

Are you making food for other people but avoid eating these foods?

Do you feel guilty after eating?

Are you trying to hide your eating habits from others?


People suffering from anorexia need to slowly come back to eat healthy foods.

Vitamin and mineral supplements may be needed to restore appetite and metabolism as before.

In addition, people with anorexia also need to control the stress and seek support from family and friends.