4 Tips to Eradicate Cockroaches Using Boric Acid

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4 Tips to Eradicate Cockroaches Using Boric Acid
4 Tips to Eradicate Cockroaches Using Boric Acid - Cockroaches are insects that will make people disgusted.

Cockroaches potentially carry diseases and become pests that make any home uncomfortable.

These insects are also notoriously difficult to eradicate because of their ability to survive incredible.

Here are tips to use boric acid to kill cockroaches.

1. Find the most frequent places where cockroaches hide.

Examples include cockroach favorite hiding place is behind the fridge and under the stove.

Knowing cockroach hiding places to make business run more effective eradication.

2. Sprinkle a thin layer of boric acid in the infected area.

Slide the refrigerator, clean the area below, then sprinkle boric acid. Repeat the same process on the back burner.

Spread a small amount of boric acid is also in the corner of the garage and storage areas.

3. Boric acid is effective to kill cockroaches that are still in the nest.

Boric acid will coat the legs of cockroaches and some of them will bring this matter back to the nest.

This will effectively kill more cockroaches so the process will go faster eradication.

4. Check your home.

Walk around the house to look for cracks or holes where cockroach entry possibilities.

Sprinkle boric acid in the cracks to prevent roaches from entering the house.