Tips to Maintain Hamster - 9 Steps to Take Care of Baby Hamster

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Tips to Maintain Hamster - 9 Steps to Take Care of Baby Hamster - Caring for children hamster is not something difficult.

When done properly, the child will quickly grow and hamsters can be readily separated from its mother.

However, some basic tips you need to know so that children can grow good hamster into adulthood.

Tips to Maintain Hamster - 9 Steps to Take Care of Baby HamsterHamster babies are particularly vulnerable. Not only that, the parent could even kill the hamster babies hamster is still weak.

Here are tips on caring for hamsters:

1. Remove dangerous toys from the cage.

Remove dangerous toys including hamster wheels. Children can get caught under hamster wheels as they explore the cage.

2. Not interfere with the parent hamster just gave birth.

Delay clean the cage when the mother hamster just gave birth. Disruption in the parent hamster cage will be considered as a threat.

Parent stress can inadvertently kill his own children.

Place the food and drink with caution so that the parent hamster does not feel disturbed.

3. Provide sufficient feed.

Make sure the parent hamster get enough food and water.

Parent hamster should breastfeed their children so that adequate food supplies will make children grow up healthy hamster.

While caring for their children, give the parent hamster foods high in protein such as boiled eggs.

4. Keep an eye on the development of children hamster.

Keep an eye on the development of children hamster from time to time. But be careful, do not get annoyed hamster parent.

5. Give hamster child solid food.

Spread the food at the base of the cage. The food is placed in the bowl will make it difficult to grab the baby hamster.

Once weaned from its mother, the child should be familiar hamster get solid food.

Children hamster could be a variety of food pellets, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, and other foods.

6. Provide low water bowl.

Give the place a low water so that children can reach them easily hamster.

Where the water is too deep can also make children hamster fell into it which can be fatal.

7. Clean the hamster cage after a child aged about two weeks.

Cage cleaning should be done gradually - one side of the cage at a time - to minimize disruption to the family hamster.

8. Separate the child from the mother hamster.

Hamster child can begin separated from its mother after the age of about three weeks.

Instead, children males and females were placed in different cages.

9. Adulthood.

At the age of two months, children can begin preserved hamster alone or mixed with other adult hamsters.