Parrot Maintenance Tips - How to Parrot Feeding

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Parrot Maintenance Tips - How to Parrot Feeding
Parrot Maintenance Tips: How to Parrot Feeding - Parrots need more than just biscuits to satisfy all their nutritional needs.

Parrots should be given balanced nutrition to stay healthy. Here are the basic rules to feed your pet parrot:

1. Give a parrot eating a balanced diet such as fruits, vegetables, cooked meats, and grains. Basically, parrots can be fed all the healthy foods that you eat everyday.

2. Feed the parrot with little portions but more often than given large portions at once.

If there is food left over, reduce the number of the next portion. Continue to reduce the portion to parrot eating all the food.

3. Whenever possible, give the parrot a variety of small portions of different foods, rather than give one food.

4. Give parrot food is still fresh. Bacteria and fungi can grow on food left in the cage and make the parrot can be a pain.

5. Give parrot fresh water every day.

6. Avoid feeding just parrot with seeds or nuts because these foods do not provide all the nutrients needed. Give your parrot a variety of foods of different variations.

7. Avoid giving parrot food such as chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, red beans, and avocado. These foods are harmful to health and can lead to failure parrots vital organs.