Information About Food For Parrot - Tips to Maintain Parrots

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Information About Food For Parrot - Tips to Maintain Parrots
Information About Food For Parrot - Tips to Maintain Parrots - Just like humans, parrots also need a variety of foods to stay healthy.

For the right to feed your pet parrot, it is important to know what foods can and can not be given.

Here is a variety of information about food parrot:


There are two main types of parrot food, the food in the form of pellets and fresh feed. Pellets provide basic nutrients required daily parrots, fresh feed is being used as a variation and to provide additional nutrients.

Examples of fresh foods such as nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Parrots also have provided enough water.

Diet should be a concern parrot owners to ensure their health. Vary the types of foods to provide complete nutrition parrot.

Do not let the parrot eating only one type of food. If the food is suddenly not available, then the parrots do not have anything to eat.


The food should not be given to parrots is a brown, salty or sweet foods, avocado, tomato leaf, apple seeds, mushrooms, onions, alcoholic beverages, and caffeinated beverages.

All of these foods can make a parrot sick or suffered damage to vital organs.


In the wild, parrots continue to move and fly in search of food. Physical activity as it would lead to burning calories.

This is certainly not the case when the parrot is in the cage. That is why, it is important to remember to not give a parrot high-fat foods such as nuts.

If possible, feed the parrots in small portions but more often than to feed at once in large portions.

Any parrot will have their favorite foods respectively. Observe your parrot to find out what she likes.

Use food as a reward when you parrots managed to do something or perform a new trick.