How Brain MRI Images Normal and Abnormal? - Tips Healthy Brain

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How Brain MRI Images Normal and Abnormal? - Tips Healthy Brain - In certain health conditions a person's brain images need to be taken to obtain the required information.

One of the most popular methods is referred to as magnetic resonance imaging or MRI.

How Brain MRI Images Normal and Abnormal? - Tips Healthy BrainMRI produces images of the brain using a magnetic field and radio wave energy.

The pictures MRI can detect brain tumors, blood clots in the brain, and other disease markers.

To determine abnormalities in the brain, a doctor or radiologist should know in advance the conditions of normal brain.

MRI is a non-invasive medical examination and relatively free from pain.

You may be annoyed by the clicking sound from the engine when you take pictures of the brain, but of course this is not a big problem.

Patients should be lying down when the test is done and can not move much during the tests which could take between 30 to 90 minutes.

That's the time of the MRI brain mapping radio waves in two-and three-dimensional images.


In 1946, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging experiments conducted in the United States by two scientists at the Felix Bloch of Stanford University and Edward Purcell of Harvard.

In 1952, two men were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their invention of NMR Spectroscopy.

In July 1977, the first MRI was launched in the United States.

The first MRI machines are now stored at the Smithsonian Institute as historical evidence.

basic MRI

MRI changing magnetic field of the body part being photographed.

Normal and abnormal tissues of the body does not produce the same image as the magnetic radio waves across the magnetic field of the body part being scanned, assist health professionals in detecting abnormalities.

Normal brain MRI images

Normal brain images produced by MRI will have some basic properties.

Normal brain images will have the same proportion on the left and right sides, and equal in size and color for each part of the brain imaged.

For example, axial images (seen from above) will be similar to the brain walnut halved without any defects or damage.

MRI images like this show normal brain function.

Abnormal Brain MRI images

Abnormal brain images will vary depending on the type of illness the patient.

This is because each type of disease affects parts of the brain.

One of the clearest indications of abnormalities in the brain is the brain image that does not have the same proportion between the right and left.

Signs of brain abnormalities was also demonstrated with color variations.

For example, a typical MRI produces gray for normal brain.

If there are parts of the brain in MRI image is white, this indicates abnormalities in the brain.

Similarly, if there are parts of the brain that is darker in color, this condition can also indicate an abnormality.