Foods Increase Progesterone Levels - Healthy Diet Tips

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Foods Increase Progesterone Levels - Healthy Diet Tips
Foods Increase Progesterone Levels - Healthy Diet Tips - Very few foods contain compounds that are identical to human progesterone.

However, many women managed to overcome fertility problems, high risk pregnancy, and hormonal imbalances using foods that naturally increase progesterone levels.

Progesterone plant

Wild yam (wild yam) contain compounds known very similar to the hormone progesterone, and is believed to encourage the production of progesterone by the body. Remember that sweet potatoes, yams different types, does not contain these compounds.

Progesterone food

Egg yolks and dairy products contain adequate amounts will progesterone. However, it remains unknown how these foods to increase progesterone levels of women.

Foods with Vitamin B-6

Walnuts, cereals, and soy milk all contain significant amounts of vitamin B-6 is essential for maintaining the balance of progesterone levels in the body.

Food Containing Zinc

Zinc is important to produce adequate levels of progesterone. Foods that contain high zinc include red meat, shellfish, chicken, and turkey. All of these foods has the potential to increase the body's progesterone.


Turmeric may increase the body's levels of progesterone, as well as thyme and oregano. Entering one of these herbs can help balance hormone progesterone.