Cucumber to Treat Excess Stomach Acid - Herbal Tips

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Cucumber to Treat Excess Stomach Acid - Herbal Tips
Cucumber to Treat Excess Stomach Acid - Herbal Tips - Heartburn, nausea, bloating, excessive gas and abdominal discomfort after eating indicate the occurrence of excess stomach acid.

In addition to chemical drugs, excess stomach acid can be appeased with a cucumber.

Here is the recipe of cucumber to relieve stomach acid along with other useful recipes.

1. Buy fresh cucumber. Make sure the cucumber skin is green without yellow spots or black. Cucumbers are yellowish or wilted shows a lack of freshness.

2. Cucumber sliced ​​lengthwise about 1 cm thick. Eat 2 pieces every 2 hours to cure excess stomach acid.

You can eat cucumber slices or a little more depending on the severity of symptoms.

3. Peel cucumbers and remove seeds to maintain freshness and nutritional content.

4. Mix the cucumber with the other ingredients that are also nutritious relieve stomach acidity, such as yogurt, carrots, mint, or raw garlic.

5. Alternatively, mix 1 cup of yogurt and half the grated cucumber with salt, pepper, and garlic to taste.

You can mix this dressing on salads or bread to prevent gastric acidity.

6. Use cucumber slices in a salad, but do not use too much vinegar to cure stomach acidity.

Vinegar is just too much will make the stomach more acidic. health