Iodine Safety Tips: 5 Steps to Take Care of Iodine Poisoning

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Iodine Safety Tips: 5 Steps to Take Care of Iodine Poisoning
Iodine is a mineral that is contained in small amounts in certain foods, especially seafood.

Iodine poisoning may occur due to the consumption of drugs that contain large amounts of iodine, such as amiodarone, Lugol solution, Pima syrup and tincture of iodine.

Patients receiving radioactive iodine for treatment of thyroid disease can also receive exposure to excess iodine.

Here's how to care for the iodine poisoning

1. Identifying symptoms of iodine poisoning, including abdominal pain, cough, diarrhea and fever.

Some cases of iodine poisoning can also cause seizures and shock. In severe cases, patients can not even urinate.

2. Get important information from the patient when calling an ambulance or take the patient to the hospital.

Get information about the patient's age and weight. If possible, as well as to estimate the dose of iodine is ingested at a given time.

3. Give patient milk. Repeat feeding every 15 minutes if the patient can drink.

You can use cornstarch or flour mixed with water if milk is not available. Use this treatment only if the patient remains conscious, no seizures, and no vomiting.

4. In some cases, respiratory support may be required.

Continue to provide milk and other liquids. For more severe cases, gastric lavage with a nasogastric tube may be necessary. Activated charcoal is also effective to neutralize poison.

5. Identification of iodine poisoning complications in other body parts such as the throat. Death of iodine poisoning can occur but are rare.