The process of formation of Vitamin D in the skin by UVB - Health Tips

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The process of formation of Vitamin D in the skin by UVB - Health Tips
Vitamin D is known as the "Sunshine vitamin," vitamin D but actually not a vitamin at all.

Vitamin D is a hormone that is needed and is responsible for many important metabolic functions in the body.

Process Synthesis of Vitamin D

Skin contains provitamin D3. If the skin is exposed to sunlight containing ultraviolet B rays, the skin will produce vitamin D3. Liver and kidney also contribute to the synthesis of vitamin D.

Benefits of Sunlight for Body

Skin requires exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to produce sufficient vitamin D for the body.

For healthy people, exposure to sunlight for 20 minutes about 4 days per week is usually sufficient to produce vitamin D.

Tanning Bed

Tanning beds contain UVB rays that can help synthesize vitamin D.

However, it is also important to be careful and consider the risk of skin cancer compared to the benefits which can produce vitamin D.

Vitamin D Supplements

The best way to get vitamin D is naturally, and the only natural way is through exposure to sunlight.

However, apart from possible matahri also get vitamin D through foods, including breads, cereals, and fortified milk.

Vitamin D supplements are also available at pharmacies or drug stores, but you should consult with your doctor before deciding how many doses of vitamin D supplements you should take.