The Benefits of Vitamin E for Beauty And Health Body - Vitamin Tips

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The Benefits of Vitamin E for Beauty And Health Body - Vitamin Tips
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has many benefits, either when taken alone or in combination with other vitamins.

Vitamin E contained in nuts, fruits like apples and blueberries, vegetables such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and leafy green vegetables.

Doses of vitamin E that the body needs every day is about 200 mg to 400 mg.

You can meet the needs of both food and vitamin supplements.

Here are some of the benefits of vitamin E supplementation:

1. Heal wounds.

Vitamin E may relieve and heal burns or minor cuts.

It's easy, puncture a capsule of vitamin E supplementation with needles. Then push the capsule so that the liquid out and apply on the wound.

2. Anti-aging (anti-aging).

Vitamin E is best used as an anti-aging agent. Vitamin E makes the skin look healthy and supple.

You can add vitamin E supplementation on buying a moisturizer or moisturizer contains vitamin E.

Vitamin E can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

3. Reduce menstrual cramps due.

Vitamin E can be used to relieve menstrual cramps. Take a vitamin E supplement capsules 1-2 times per day about two weeks before the menstrual cycle.

4. Prevent sunburned skin.

Vitamin E may serve to prevent burning of the skin due to sun exposure.

Look for a sunscreen lotion containing vitamin E and apply on the skin before you travel to a place that a lot of exposure to sunlight, especially during the dry season or the beach.