Knowing Food Sources of Vitamin D - Healthy Diet Tips

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Knowing Food Sources of Vitamin D - Healthy Diet Tips
Many people do not realize the importance of vitamin D for the body.

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D can be produced by the body with the help of sunlight exposure.

But as times are changing, more and more people who spent most of his time home, workplace, car, or shopping center.

This causes many people to experience a deficiency of vitamin D. The good news however, vitamin D can also be met from a variety of food sources.

Sources of vitamin D are the most common and widely known are the various animal products such as milk and eggs.

Egg yolks contain vitamin D is considered a moderate amount. Eggs are consumed every day will give you about 10% of vitamin D daily.

Various types of fish are also known to be a source of vitamin D. Sardines, for example, is able to provide almost 70% of vitamin D every day.

Fresh tuna is being expected to supply about 50% of the daily requirement of vitamin D.

Herring and catfish are also a good source of vitamin D. Other sources of vitamin D are salmon and mackerel.

In addition, studies have shown that vitamin D can be found in dried shiitake mushrooms. Be sure to consume the dried shiitake mushrooms naturally in the sun.

The body needs vitamin D for bone growth and development as well as to maintain the level of calcium in the body.

Vitamin D is also responsible for blood flow. Lack of vitamin D can lead to health problems and illnesses, even cancer can also be triggered.