Know the Signs & Symptoms of Anemia - Health Tips

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Know the Signs & Symptoms of Anemia
Anemia is a decrease in the number of red blood cells that usually occurs due to iron deficiency.

If you suffer from mild anemia, you may not be experiencing symptoms. Any symptoms, may not be detected or any associate these symptoms with other health conditions.

Here are some tips that could be a guide to find out if you are anemic or not:

1. Check the color of the skin. Is the color looks very pale skin? Despite having dark-colored skin, lips and appearance of your skin may look pale.

2. Another common symptom of anemia is frequently feel tired and irritable. Are you experienced?

3. Ask yourself whether frequent headaches or loss of appetite. This is an early sign of anemia.

4. Constipation is one of the early symptoms of anemia, and it can happen even if you do not make changes to diet.

5. Difficulty concentrating is one of the symptoms of anemia are quite disturbing. Difficulties in concentrating can affect the performance and work.

6. Ask yourself whether having unusual cravings. This condition is called pica, and it could be someone would find himself having a very odd cravings, such as eating soil and paper.

7. Pay attention to the mood or mood. Anemia can lead to feelings of depression.

8. Do you experience shortness of breath? Red blood cells are an important part in the process of breathing. You may experience shortness of breath when suffering from moderate or severe anemia.

9. The feeling of cold in the extremities. Palms and soles of the feet can become cold, which is caused by poor blood circulation due to anemia.

10. Feeling weak and / or dizziness. In severe cases, you may feel very weak to get out of bed and had a headache when you wake up.

Those are some symptoms of anemia that often arise. If you experience some of the above symptoms immediately visit your doctor or nearest health service provider to ensure your health condition.