Tips for Healthy Living: 10 Health Screening for Women

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Tips for Healthy Living: 10 Health Screening for Women
Here is a list of 10 recommended screening tests for women:

First. mammograms

A U.S. government advisory board recently gave the thumbs down to the ground, also known not recommend annual screening mammography.

This is especially true for women aged 40-49 years did not have an increased risk of breast cancer.

This is because experts about overdiagnosis, false positives and radiation exposure are concerned.

Now, which is recommended to perform a mammogram once every two years is women aged under 50 years who have low risk and women over the age of 50 years.

But many doctors and cancer organizations you do not agree. In addition to aging may cause cancer risk arising from personal or family history.

Annual mammography screening still recommended and started at the age of 40 years or younger.

Inform you during your annual physical exam on your cancer risk, and call your doctor at once if you have a demon. Doctor

Two. skin test

More than one million people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer. Best way for early detection of skin cancer is routine examination once a month.

Moreover grow when a new mole suspicious. Also, no skin test once a year by a doctor or dermatologist.

Three. eye examination

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, visit the eye doctor yearly eye test.

But if they do not wear eye examination every two years.

Women are more likely to occur to vision problems because they. Risk of disease transmission and autoimmune symptoms of dry eye, which may have higher affect eye health.

Four. hearing tests

A hearing test is done to check for listening at different levels and noise intensity.

These tests are made ​​each year if you are 50, when the hearing function usually begins to drop done.

But if you are at high volumes, you can take your iPod, to do it faster.

Five. periodontal examination

Once a year, one of my visits you make teeth cleaning every six months or so, the dentist should perform a gum.

The dentist will check your gums and conduct system health checks to X-rays.

The doctor will examine the possibility of gingivitis, which can lead to heart and forgive diabetes.

Six. TSH screening

Often feel pain, constipation or weight loss happens, fatigue, these are all symptoms of hypothyroidism.

State of thyroid hormone deficiency (hipotyroid) affects approximately 10% of women. This disorder can be diagnosed with blood tests to check thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

This test is performed when performing annual physical examination at the age of 50 years, or it could be faster if you have these symptoms.

Seven. Blood Test

After initial screening cholesterol levels at the age of 20, you need a blood test at least once every five years.

Starting at age 40, you should have a routine cholesterol and blood sugar checked every year because the risk of heart attack and diabetes increases with age.

Eight. Pap test

Starting at the age of 21 years, women should perform a Pap to detect signs of cervical cancer every two years.

Women aged 30 years or more, do the test only once every three years if they have three times and make the Pap smear results are normal.

Nine. colonoscopy

This test is recommended for persons aged 50 years or more, and repeat every 10 years (more often if polyps are found).

Colonoscopy is used with a camera is to be seen the presence of cancer in the large intestine polyps.

Of course you will be sedated before the test.

Do it before you, if you have encountered a colonoscopy or a family history of colon cancer, bleeding can not be explained, or other changes in bowel habits.

10th. depression screening

Some simple questions from doctors in performing the annual physical examination may show signs of depression. Depression affects one in four women, but often not diagnosed.

The doctor will ask a series of questions about sleep disorders, irritability and loss of interest in favorite activities.

If you are concerned about your mood, see a doctor to filter it.