Symptoms & Management Tips Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Currently discussed many autism cases as more arose, especially in children.

Actually what is autism? What are the symptoms and how to handle?

This article will help you to know more about what and how autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or better known as autism is a group of disorders or abnormalities in behavior and abilities.

Behavioral abnormalities that appear in any ASD sufferers are not always the same. In some children and maybe just a little bit lighter, but the other part may be severe disorder.

Until now the ways to cure ASD has not been found, but a lot of ways and medicines are made ​​to deal with ASD.

Parents are the first to be able to detect the presence of symptoms and signs of early ASD in their children.

If found indications of ASD in children, consult with your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Here are the problems that generally arise when the child has ASD, namely:

1. difficult Socializing

Children who have ASD typically do not make eye contact with others and become reclusive. They can not understand what other people feel.

They are also not aware if there are other people who took their chat, or are not interested in other people.

2. Difficult to Communicate and Interact with Others

Most children who have ASD do not talk and sometimes they are just repeating what others tell them.

3. Has a habit Recurring Pattern

Children who have ASD have a routine activity patterns and habits repeated every day. They will feel frustrated if these activities change drastically or suddenly.

4. Delays in development

Children who suffer from ASD has a slow development in cognitive abilities, motor skills but may be normal.

Sometimes they can learn to perform a difficult task than the first easy task. They are easier to solve a problem or puzzle computer than talking to other people.

Moreover, sometimes they can also learn skills faster and probably forget it very quickly as well.

The first treatment for children with ASD is that parents should be able to accept his daughter's condition.

Once parents accept her condition then everything will become easier, including the following therapies needed by children.

Love, support, and attention from family members is important to the process of handling ASD. Diagnosed with ASD did not make a child become less valuable.

Help and support of all members of the family to help the child to be able to have a normal life.

In addition, children should be provided a special class that can give lessons in a structured and visually. This treatment helps children to become independent so it has a good quality of life.