Recognize the Risk Factors Causes of Type-2 Diabetes: Health Tips

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 Risk Factors Causes of Type-2 Diabetes
Here are 7 risk factors that cause a person to suffer from type-2 diabetes.

1. Age and ethnicity

With increasing age, the greater the risk of a person having diabetes type-2.

This is especially true if the person is over 40 years (for white people), and more than 25 years (for blacks, South Asia, and some minority ethnic groups).

According to the British study, blacks and South Asians have a five times higher risk of suffering from type-2 diabetes than white people.

2. Family history of diabetes

If someone has a family member with diabetes, the risk becomes greater. Risk will be even greater if suffering from diabetes type 2 are close relatives such as father or mother.

3. Weight and less exercise

Four-fifths of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight. The more excess weight a person, then the risk will be even greater.

The highest risk is owned by people who were overweight and physically inactive or rarely exercise.

4. Heart problems and stroke

A person who suffers a stroke have a higher risk of suffering from type-2 diabetes. It is also common for people who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), or have had a heart attack.

5. Gestational diabetes

A woman who had diabetes temporarily during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) have a risk of developing diabetes later in life. Women who give birth to large babies may have a higher risk as well.

6. Impaired fasting glycaemia (IFG) - Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT)

Someone who has been diagnosed as having IFG and IGT but did not have diabetes, have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

People with IFG or IGT have blood sugar levels higher than normal people. To prevent diabetes, it is important to eat a balanced healthy diet, maintaining weight and exercising regularly.

7. Severe mental health problems

The results showed people with severe mental health problems, such as severe depression, have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.