7 Steps to Recognize Signs & Symptoms of Tinnitus - Health Tips

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7 Steps to Recognize Signs & Symptoms of Tinnitus
Tinnitus is a problem in the ear in which sufferers hear a whirring or other sounds, but there was no noise from outside sources.

This condition can occur in one or both ears, and could be temporary but can also ongoing.

Tinnitus can interfere with comfort and activity for the experience of life.

The following tips will be reviewed on recognizing the signs of tinnitus, namely:

1. Find a quiet place at home where minimal noise, lying in bed or sitting in a comfortable chair and close your eyes.

2. Listen carefully sound in the room. Ideally, before starting the test should not be any noise from outside.

3. Hear strange noises that may sound in the ears that there is no source. It could be a sound of whirring, whistling, buzzing, high-pitched sound, or sound like a roar like a train.

4. Ask if everyone else around you also hear voices that you hear.

5. Although the sound is heard only appear occasionally or continuously, both a sign of tinnitus. Voice is heard in people who experience tinnitus can also occur in one ear or both ears can.

6. Notice if the noises got worse at night or not. Tinnitus tends to subside during the day because the voices disguised by neighborhood.

The sound that comes from tinnitus will get worse when in a quiet atmosphere or in a state of exhaustion.

7. Visit your doctor or otolaryngologist to treat tinnitus. When it is necessary to do well on the hearing test a doctor's supervision to ensure everything over.