Know the Types and Causes of Hypoglycemia: Diabetes Tips

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Causes of Hypoglycemia
There are some conditions in which people with diabetes may experience hypoglycemia (hypoglycemia), namely:

1. Taking insulin treatment, but then skipping meals, eating late, or eat very little

2. A side effect of diabetes treatment

3. Sports too hard without adequate food intake

4. Drinking too much alcohol

People without diabetes may also experience hypoglycemia, although this is rare and severe reactions are also not in diabetics.

Reactive hypoglycemia

Some people may experience hypoglycemia several hours after eating carbohydrate-rich foods. This condition is known as reactive hypoglycemia.

Reactive hypoglycemia occurs because of large amounts of insulin released in response to the entry of carbohydrates into the blood stream due to eating a lot. This reaction can cause a drastic drop in blood glucose levels several hours later.

Fasting hypoglycemia (Hypoglycemia Fasting)

Another type of hypoglycemia is called fasting hypoglycemia (fasting hypoglycemia), usually occurs right after someone woke up with an empty stomach. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics.

Some children develop hypoglycemia because their bodies can not tolerate certain nutrients.

For example, some children have a hereditary intolerance to fructose, and some babies can not tolerate glucose found in milk called galactose.

Other children who have hypoglycemia due to genetic factors causing the condition they have too little growth hormone.

This leads to increased sensitivity to insulin and cause blood sugar levels to decline.

Whereas some other reasons people experience hypoglycemia such as:

Exercising too long
Exercise while taking the drug 'beta blocker'
Drinking too much alcohol
Deficiency of certain hormones
Tumors in the pancreas or cancer in certain glands.