Know the Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 & 2: Health Tips

By on 10:24 PM
 Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 & 2
Diabetes often goes undetected because many symptoms that seem harmless.

Recent research suggests that the detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment early can reduce the likelihood of complications of diabetes.

Below are some signs and symptoms of diabetes are frequent.

Diabetes Type 1:

Frequent thirst
Frequent urination
Often feel hungry
Drastic weight loss
Often feel fatigue
Sensitive or easily offended
Type 2 Diabetes:

One of the all existing symptoms in type 1 diabetes, plus:
Often exposed to infectious diseases
Blurred vision
Cuts / bruises that heal slowly
Tingling / numbness in the hands or feet
Skin infections, gum, or bladder infections repeatedly.
But often times people who suffer from type 2 diabetes do not show any symptoms, as already mentioned above.