How to Practice Yoga: Knowing the User Doing Yoga Asana

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How to Practice Yoga
Do not do Asana Yoga When ...

There are certain health conditions that it is not advisable to do inverted postures like standing on your head (headstand), standing with shoulders (shoulder stand), and turned (reverse posture).

It will make you experience high blood pressure, dizziness, and serious problems with eyes. If you are in doubt, consult your doctor before starting Yoga Asana.

First Two Weeks

In some cases, your body will be sore until two weeks after the start Asana Yoga.

This is because the practice of yoga makes the body work eliminate stored toxins in the blood.

After the initial period of cleansing the body, you will feel better. The more toxins you have, the worse you feel at first.

Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing is a slight increase in aches and pains than usual, and had a little stiffness.

Body may be slightly swollen and you may feel a little sleepy during the day.

You may feel muscle pain in the back, neck, and shoulders for several weeks. To relieve the pain, do asanas slowly and not overdone.

Also, do not ever give up. Any inconvenience will only be temporary, and you will begin to feel much better in a relatively short time.

When Doing Yoga Asana

The best time to do yoga asana is in the morning or in the afternoon before dinner. Do not ever do this exercise in a state of satiety.

Before exercising, wait at least three hours after eating the main meal, about an hour after eating snacks such as a piece of fruit, and about half an hour after drinking the juice.

After completing the yoga asanas, wait for about a quarter of an hour before meals.

The best time to do yoga is about an hour after waking or in the afternoon. Wait about 15 minutes before eating.

Do not exercise immediately after waking, because the body will be too stiff. Wait at least one hour.

It is not advisable to perform yoga asanas before bed, because it will stimulate the effects of yoga which can prevent you to sleep well.

Do not hot bath or shower after yoga, because it draws blood from internal organs to the skin surface.

Recommended bathing with warm water, because warm water is neutral and will not affect the practice of yoga.

Where Should be Doing Asana Yoga and What Should Be Used?

Be sure you have good ventilation in the room where practicing yoga. Use thick carpeting or foam with sufficient thickness.

Do not do yoga asana in bed being too soft, or on the bare floor, because it would be too hard.

Wear loose clothing, as tight clothes will restrict blood circulation to some areas of the body.

Tight clothing would defeat one of the purposes of the asana which increases blood circulation to various parts of the body.