Healthy ways with Yoga: How Yoga Perspectives on Disease

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Healthy ways with Yoga
Yoga believes that most diseases caused by lack of energy or life of the entire body or a part of the body.

This leads to a reduction in the life so sensitive diseases.

Those who practiced yoga centuries ago learned that most diseases are caused due to reduced immunity.

And is confirmed by modern medical science.

When life energy throughout the body, and then reject the result is a low vitality, poor health and susceptibility to infection begins.

Contamination will not occur if the energy is high enough, the body to fight infection. Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and so on) is a normal part of life and will only lead to problems if the immune system is too weak.

The best way to improve the overall performance, is a body with proper nutrition, positive mental attitude, and yoga.

Food blocking power to a part of the body, such as the thyroid gland, usually by spinal problems in nerve disturbed.

Spine disturbed cause disturbances in the flow of life energy (nerve impulses) organs. As a result, the institutions have not optimal.

If the error can not be corrected bar spine, it becomes more difficult to cure and worsens the disease.

The ancient yogis are very aware of the importance of the spine in relation to the disease.

Reason for this is that most of the asanas or postures are designed to make your spine more flexible and stronger.

Spine is so important to achieve a high level of vitality. Many science-treatments designed to repair the spinal cord.

One is chiropractic, or the science of healing that focuses on the treatment of the spine, and the philosophy of yoga.