Alternative Health Tip: Know the Types of Treatment

By on 10:06 PM
Types of Treatment
You would often hear many different types of treatment such as alternative medicine, holistic medicine, or natural medicine.

But you know what and how the difference of the type of treatment?

The following will describe the different types of treatment, so that you become more confident when doing one or several types of treatment for your health.

1. Alternative Medicine 

Alternative medicine (alternative medicine) is any form of practice that is outside the realm of conventional modern medicine.

Alternative medicine includes a range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies. Most of the health care and alternative medicine practices are not widely taught in medical school.

Examples of alternative medicine are naturopathy, chiropractic, ayurveda, homeopathy, and acupuncture.

2. Complementary Medicine 

Therapy used alone or as a substitute for conventional medicine is referred to as alternative medicine.

However, if the treatment or therapy is done along with conventional medicine, it is referred to as complementary medicine because it is indeed complete.

For example, many Chinese hospitals use acupuncture to reduce pain during surgery.

Another example is the use of sesame oil as a complementary treatment for cancer, which uses Dean Ornish lifestyle changes to combat heart disease, and others.

3. Holistic Treatment 

Many alternative practices which focus on aspects of mental, emotional, and spiritual, as well as physical health.

Therapies such as hypnosis and visualization claims that the therapy can alter the physical conditions through mental intervention alone.

They believe that the body is a machine that is very tough, with only occasional encouragement or intervention is able to heal itself. Name of holistic medicine comes from the unification of mind and body.

The practitioners of holistic medicine viewed the body as a whole rather than treating organ separately.

The importance of self-care and disease prevention is very stressed by practitioners of holistic medicine.

4. Natural Medicine

Natural medicine or therapy is a treatment that relies on the power of his own body in the healing process. Herbs, diet, and water therapies including as a natural medicine.