Health Tip: The Benefits of Vitamin A, for Eyes Up Against HIV

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The Benefits of Vitamin A, for Eyes Up Against HIV
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient to support the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Vitamin A or retinol believed to have a positive impact on growth and immunity.

Vitamin A makes mucosal cells (mucus) and healthy skin.

Healthy mucous membranes moist and still be able to keep the damage to the cell. Lack of moisture encourages infectious diseases.

Mucosal cells healthy is very important to prevent cancer. Vitamin A is able to fight cancer by suppressing the growth of DNA in cancer cells.

This includes reducing tumor growth in cancer and prevent the growth of leukemia cells.

Vitamin A is especially helpful in curing diseases caused by viruses.

Viral respiratory diseases, measles, HIV can be inhibited growth even if enough vitamin A.

People who suffer from diseases caused by viruses are often deficient in vitamin A. Vitamin A is very good adequate to build the body's defenses, thereby making recovery more quickly.

Vitamin A plays an important role in preventing stroke. Stroke patient highly recommended to consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A.

Dry eyes (due to lack of eye mucus) can be cured with vitamin A. Dry eye occurs when the formation of lubricating tears stopped.

Vitamin A eye drops recommended as a solution to this problem. Clinical trials have shown that vitamin A eye drops can increase eye moisture and cell function.

Vitamin A is believed to be a solution to prevent and treat skin cancer. Vitamin A also helps eliminate dark spots are often seen in aging skin.

Derivatives of vitamin A can also help treat acne. But it is to consult a doctor to avoid serious side effects.

Vitamin A with minoxidil can help in treating baldness. Vitamin A can reduce wrinkles and protect skin from sun damage. In addition, some of the derivatives of vitamin A may help treat psoriasis.

Vitamin A plays an important role in improving night vision and help eyes adjust to changes in light.

Finally, vitamin A is essential to improve the overall health of the body because it can increase the power of the white blood cells and strengthens the reproductive system and bone.

The best way to get enough vitamin A is through proper and balanced diet.

Some foods rich in vitamin A include broccoli, carrots, apricots, beef liver, milk, egg yolk, and cod liver oil.