Foot Care Tips: 7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Feet

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Foot Care Tips
Foot care is an important thing that must be done by all individuals to achieve optimal health.

Feet have an important contribution in daily activities such as standing and walking.

Lower body especially the legs have a duty to support the entire weight of the body and become part of the most frequently used.

Here are seven tips to care for and maintain healthy feet:

1. Check the feet regularly and touch.

Check out the legs will help in detecting if there is a change or deviation in the foot as the foot of the color difference, thickness, temperature, and cracked feet.

In the event of extreme changes immediately consult a doctor.

2. Wash your feet every day to ensure feet stay clean.

Do not forget to wash the sidelines of the fingers. Dry feet immediately after washing.

Leather wet feet will make it elastic so prone to cracking.

3. Cut toenails regularly.

Be careful, do not cut too short can cause sores on the skin.

Especially for women, nail polish should only be used for a maximum of a week. Use liquid nail polish remover to clean up nail polish completely.

The use of nail polish in the long term can cause brittle nails and cause other foot problems.

4. Choose shoes that fit your foot size.

When buying new shoes, prioritize to choose shoes that are comfortable rather than just style.

5. Whenever possible, avoid walking or running barefoot though I was at home.

Walking barefoot can cause an incident that could interfere with the foot. Wear sandals despite being in the house.

6. After long standing, walking, or running, while lifting leg to the wall would be beneficial to foot.

This method will also improve blood circulation in the veins. Launched vein may help prevent blood clots after long standing.

7. Never ignore pain in the foot or ankle.

The pain is generally associated with the presence of inflammation or other causes are hidden. Immediately consult a doctor when the pain arises in the legs.