Does Diabetes Cause Liver Disease (Heart)?: Health Tip

By on 4:10 PM
Does Diabetes Cause Liver Disease
Diabetes can increase the risk of some types of liver disease.

Uncontrolled blood sugar increases the risk of non-alcoholic liver disease (not caused by alcohol), causing scarring of the liver (non-alcoholic cirrhosis).

Other health conditions associated with diabetes such as high cholesterol and obesity also increase the risk of heart disease.

In addition, some drugs used to treat conditions such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, can cause liver damage, although this is rare.

If you have diabetes, here are tips on the best defense against heart disease:

1. Tight control over blood sugar levels

2. Maintain body weight

3. Reduce your intake of cholesterol

4. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption

Doctors may also recommend regular liver function testing if patients take medications that could potentially affect the liver.

For more details, consult your doctor about the risk of liver disease in people with diabetes.