Benefits of Garlic: Heart Up To Cancer

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Benefits of Garlic for Cancer
Garlic is known for the powerful maintain overall health.

But there are benefits that remain widely unknown, as a natural antibiotk, for example.

Natural antibiotics effective against toxic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Garlic can help blood clotting and promote heart health.

Antioxidant properties of garlic performed effectively seeking free radicals.

Garlic also promotes bile production to reduce the levels of fat in the liver. Garlic can also help to prevent coughs and colds.

Garlic and Heart

Garlic positive effect on the circulatory system has been extensively researched and proven to be good for:

* Low blood pressure

* Reduction of platelet accumulation

* Low blood triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (the bad kind)

* Increase HDL cholesterol (the good type) and fibrinolysis (prevents blood clots.)

* Stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the lining of the walls of blood vessels in order to maintain the flexibility of the blood vessels.

* Helps to prevent arteriosclerosis and thereby reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.

* Two or three cloves of garlic a day can reduce the risk of heart attack mid-heart patients.

* According to a study published in Life Sciences, a daily dose of 1 ml of body weight / kg of the extract for 6 months resulted in a significant decrease in the content of free radicals in the blood of patients with atherosclerosis.

* As impotence due to blood flow throughout the body considered.

Garlic and Cancer

* Research shows that garlic and onions have a preventive effect on cancer.

* Protective effect of garlic outweigh the onion, even though onion consumption has been shown to reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

* In October 2000, the American Journal of Nutrition wrote that people who consume raw or cooked garlic regularly have a lower risk of stomach cancer half and one-third lower risk of developing colon cancer than those who consume little or not.

* Each list of foods that are published by the U.S. National Cancer Institute to prevent cancer. Garlic contains anti-cancer compounds and antioxidants such as quercetin, diallyl sulphide, Aline and ajoene.

* There is no way to block cancer-causing substances such as aflatoxin nitro Semin are on the specific stomach cancer, lung and liver related.

* The content of ajoene and allicin garlic can inhibit cancer cells tagged in natural chemotherapy.

* Iowa Women's Health Study found that women who put garlic in the daily diet have a lower risk of colon cancer.

* The meat is cooked at high temperatures can produce (baked) carcinogenic. Recent study found that when the meat is cooked with garlic, reduced carcinogenic effect.

* In addition to the ten anti-cancer foods include: citrus fruits, vegetables, garlic and onions, green tea, omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, tomatoes, soy products, red wine and chocolate.

Garlic and the immune system

* The antioxidants in garlic have a very positive effect on the immune system in general and can therefore protect the body against all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

* Garlic is able to fight the flu, as well as serve as a decongestant and expectorant.

* Garlic is a source of vitamin C, B6, and the minerals selenium and manganese can with long been implicated in the immune system.

Garlic and Weight Control

* Allicin is the strongest material in and proved to not only lower blood pressure but also to prevent weight gain.

* A study in the American Journal of Hypertension published reports that animals that have high insulin levels, high blood pressure and high triglycerides have not received either allicin only slightly.

* The researchers concluded that allicin may be a way to control weight.