Ayurveda Tips: Characteristics of People with Vata Type

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Characteristics of People with Vata Type
Here are some common characteristics of people who have more Vata dominant:

- Have the creativity, mental speed

- Highly imaginative

- Quickly learn and understand new knowledge, but also quick to forget

- S*xually easily excited but quickly satisfied

- The body tends to lean

- Talk and walk quickly

- Tend to experience the cold on the hands and feet, discomfort in cold weather

- Vibrant, vivacious, fun personality

- His mood often changed

- No routine daily activities

- Appetite varied and efficient digestion

- Have a high energy in the short term; tend to tire easily and to overexert

- Brimming with joy and enthusiasm when in balance

- Responding to stress with fear, worry, and anxiety, especially if the conditions are not balanced

- Tends to act impulsively

- Often have thoughts or mind stepping discontinuous

- Generally have dry skin and dry hair and do not sweat much

- Health problems usually arise headache, hypertension, dry cough, sore throat, earaches, anxiety, irregular heart rhythm, muscle cramps, lower back pain, constipation, full gas in the stomach, diarrhea, nerve problems in the stomach, menstrual cramps, premature ejaculation and other s*xual dysfunction, as well as arthritis. Neurological disorders commonly associated with Vata imbalance.

Physical Appearance

People with Vata types are generally physically underdeveloped. Their flat chest, blood vessels and tendons of their looks. Skin color is usually brown, their skin tends to be cold, rough, dry and cracked.

Vata people generally are too tall or too short, with thin frames which reveal the joints and bone ends protruding less because muscle is formed.

Curly hair and sparse, thin lashes and eyes dull. Have sunken eyes, small, dry, yet active. Coarse and brittle fingernails. Form a hooked nose and pointed up.

Physiologically, the appetite and digestion varies. Vata people love the taste of sweet, sour, and salty and like hot drinks.

Only a little urine production, dry stools, hard and few in number. They have a tendency to sweat less than other types.

Their sleep is often disturbed and they will sleep less than other types. Their hands and feet often feel cold.

Psychologically, the characteristics they have short memory but quick mental understanding. They will understand something quickly, but would sooner forget.

They have less willpower hard, tend to have a mentally unstable and has little tolerance, but they can be confident and brave.

Their reasoning power is weak, easily nervous, scared, and suffered from a lot of anxiety.

Vata people tend to earn money quickly in a fast and also to spend it. Therefore, they tend to remain poor.