Antioxidant Rich Diet Lowers Risk of Diabetes: How to Healthy Diet

By on 6:22 PM
Antioxidant Rich Diet Lowers Risk of Diabetes
The drugs are not the answer to cure diabetes.

Research shows that the key to stopping the increase in cases of diabetes is not with drugs but with diet or natural foods that contain good nutrients and antioxidants.

Recent research continues to validate the diet as a more effective means for the prevention and treatment of diabetes than medication.

Drugs work by forcing the sugar out of the blood and the body's cells need sugar whether or not.

Results of research conducted in Italy and presented at The Endocrine Society to prove the effectiveness of the diet for the prevention of diabetes. Study participants were divided into four groups and fed a diet of 1,500 calories.

Half were placed on a diet with antioxidants (fruits, vegetables, and nuts) and the other group was given a standard low-calorie diet along with a diabetes drug.

While all participants lost weight because of reduced calorie diet, only eating food antioxidant group showed a significant reduction in insulin resistance and a significant improvement in blood glucose control. No measurable effect seen in the group taking the drug.

Previously, a diet high in antioxidants have been known to prevent and treat heart disease, cancer to dementia.

Antioxidants neutralize the effects of natural foods free radicals that damage mitochondria. Mitochondrial damage causes cell dysfunction and eventual cell death.

Free radicals are the main reasons that drive the aging process and cause the early onset of the disease.

Include a variety of fruits such as grapes, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, nuts, and seeds to combat cell damage caused by normal metabolic activity.

Prescribed drugs for diabetics can be ineffective and have many side effects.

Conversely, accompanied and multiply the consumption of fresh foods (not processed) are rich in antioxidants to reduce the risk of diabetes and other diseases.